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Youth Empowering Spaces (YES) is a project of Habib University Foundation (H.U.F.) being implemented in collaboration with Sports and Youth Affairs Department, Government of Sindh. YES seeks to facilitate youth with key knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable them to aspire for a Healthy and Productive Life.

Youth in Pakistan is blessed with enormous potential which could be channelized by providing them a platform of healthy and productive activities leading to theirpersonal, technological, social and learning empowerment. YES – Youth Empowering Spaces aims to give youth this essential platform.


YES believes in facilitating youth to empower themselves for carving their life paths with complete self-awareness, confidence and conscious thinking about their environment in order to live a healthy and productive life. YES has identified a ‘Three E’ framework to facilitate youth to gain empowerment. These three Es form the three core objectives of YES.

YES facilitates Pakistani youth to:

Educate themselves about issues affecting their lives and their societies and explore ways to deal with them.

Enlighten themselves with the capacity and talents they possess to bring a positive change in themselves as well as to have a constructive impact onthe society.

Engage themselves in constructive, creative and challenging activities to stimulate their hearts and minds for a healthy and productive life.

Key Foci / Themes YES focuses on four key areas which are identified as YES themes

Theme 1: Personal Development and Empowerment:

YES offers specially designed courses and seminars on “Nurturing and ExploringSelf” and organizes innovative learning camps and festivals to create spaces for youth to demonstrate and diversify their talents and skills.

Theme 2: Technology for Innovation and Empowerment:

YES facilitates young people to understand and use technology as anempowering tool for their personal, social and economic lives. It specially helps young people to boost their imagination and livelihood by creating innovative digital applications.

Theme 3: Raising Awareness and Consciousness:

YES encourages youth to think critically about the issues affecting their lives suchas environmental challenges, the influence of media, culture of consumerism etc. and responds to them through thoughtful actions.

Theme 4: Health and Career Information and Guidance:

YES supports youth to take informed decisions about their own health,academics and careers by acquiring information and guidance through YES Career Seminar Series, YES Health Forums, YES Mentors and YES Career Resource Center. 


Since YES is one of its kind initiative and is a platform for youth, whereby youth can join and work with YES, the core of empowerment and taking ownership for self-development lies on the youth.  The more youth participates and contributes to various activities, the more empowerment they acquire through a process of self-reflection.

In terms of quantified outcomes, YES seeks to provide a diverse range of activities to 7000 youth in the implementation districts - Karachi, Dadu, Khairpur and Jamshoro.