• Work Display of BDM, ADD and PDP for Cohort XIX and XX

Determination, Dedication and Devotion

There could be many formulas for success, but there are few principles that can definitely set your path straight to what you want to have in your Life. Mr. Faheem Bukhair, Head Projects shared those three principles of success, i.e. Determination, Dedication, Devotion to iACTians. He explained our mind has no boundaries, it is only the shackles on our thoughts that do not let us fly to the sky and reach our aims. Giving an example of Károly Takács, the first shooter to win two Olympic medals despite being physically impaired with one hand, Sir Faheem asked students to determine their goals and keep striving with a dedication to achieve them, despite the hurdles and obstacles. In the end, your devotion and love of your work should be reflected in every act that brings you closer to your goals.