• Work Display of BDM, ADD and PDP for Cohort XIX and XX

Student Week 2014

iACT’s student showed their unique way of saying thanks to institute by designing a “Human Logo” of iACT. Nearly 200 students gathered inspirit of celebrating “Students’ Week”, an initiative taken by iACT’s “Academic Team” thoroughly supported by “Student Affairs Unit”. Students also signed the “Thanks Wall” with their message thanking people in different ways. Students also took part in healthy sports activities.

This week comprises of different activities with a purpose of channelizing youth talent through learning activities, sessions by experts and sports activities. Students’ Week will continue till 14 March 2014.

Session By Expert

Mr. Kamran Kashif Project Head Habib University Foundation has contributed to “Students’ Week” as he rendered 2 hours and conducted a Session on the topic of “21st Century Workplace”. More than 70 students participated in this session. Mr. Kamran Kashif comprehensively discussed the challenges and changes at workplace in 21st century.