• Work Display of BDM, ADD and PDP for Cohort XIX and XX

Cooperative Sports Activities

iACT always encourages community/partner institutions to avail the facilitations of Sports , Health & Fitness which are available at iACT. In this regard, iACT arranged a sports coaching camp for the students of Innovative Public School (which is one of the community partner institution with iACT) on Wednesday, May 27, 2015 at iACT Gymnasium.

Around 2-dozed female students visited iACT and participated in the training of EnergActive ( innovative module for Health & Fitness), Mr. Amir Siddiqui facilitated young girls to understand and learn the exercises to stay active with-in their daily lives. Then after a Throw ball match was also played between groups of visiting students.

In last, the participation certificates were awarded.

Any school/college/academy (still not in partnership with iACT) may also contact iACT for arranging same kind of activities for their students.