• Work Display of BDM, ADD and PDP for Cohort XIX and XX

Certificate in Animation and Production

Digital Media

  Duration: 18 Months

Course Overview:

In this course you will set out goals and timeline during pre-production, and then go through the process of generating content that fits your chosen area of focus developing models and adding textures and lighting, implementing visual effects, animating developed characters, creating natural phenomena using particles, compositing computer Graphics elements into film plates, or developing models adding textures and lights.

Course Objectives:

  • How to connect color and choose typography to fit the delivery mechanism - television, whether it is for television, cinema, computer monitor, or mobile screen
  • Industry-standard image-manipulation software including After Effects and Cinema 4D
  • Steps of digital integration: conception and post-production
  • Mastery of digital tools within this specialization and acquisition of advanced expertise in Animation & Production using professional techniques: Storyboarding, Compositing, Sculpturing, Modeling with Nurves, Lightning, UV Texture and Shaders, Mudbox, Green Screen.

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