• Work Display of BDM, ADD and PDP for Cohort XIX and XX

Basic & Advance Dress Making and Designing


  Duration: 3 Months

Basic & Advance Dress Making and Designing

The art of sewing; introduction to tools and equipment; temporary and permanent stitches; creating the most common seams; taking measurements; purchasing and preparing patterns; making simple pattern alterations. Making major pattern alterations for shoulders, armholes, bust size, sleeves, skirts, and pants. Constructing the basic pattern; designing the bodice, neckline, collar, sleeve, and skirt. Principles of draping; using and customizing a dress form; creating original clothing designs.

Selecting materials for a garment; marking and cutting fabric; tacking for proper fit; shaping, interfacing, binding, seams, and hems. Finishing corners, points, and curved edges; forming pleats; making coats, jackets, trousers; working with linings, shoulder pads, and boning.



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